Dressing up as significant people in History!

For our big idea launch we dressed up as significant individuals in History.

As a class we were very lucky, we had the likes of the Queen, Rosa Parks, Florence Nightingale and even professional footballers turn up to school on Monday! Please enjoy the pictures below of some of the amazing individuals children dressed up as.

Fire Safety Talk

Last Wednesday we were so lucky to have a visit from the local Fire Service! They came to inform us of all the ways in which we can keep ourselves safe on bonfire night.

The Fire Service showed us their very special Fire Engine, which has a HUGE ladder on top, this ladder is used to reach high buildings and tricky places. The firefighters told us lots of important ways in which they help our community and keep us safe.  A huge thank you to our local Fire Service from all of Year 1.


Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Jasper, Neve, Heather AND Henry who have been awarded a Head Teacher Award this week. Jasper and Neve have been resilient in their writing, during school but also at home! Heather and Henry were resourceful in their Early Bird maths, trying their absolute hardest to solve some tricky equations. A very well done to the whole class for a super hardworking week.

Well done to Evie who was our JIGSAW Champion this week. Evie has celebrated and explored the ways in which her friends are unique during our new topic ‘celebrating difference’.

Well done to Gaby who was our nominated 5R Champion this week– Gaby has reflected on her own learning and has been resilient to make improvements on her work. Gaby took on the job of tidying our cloakroom this week all by herself and was showing respect to all of the things inside our classroom.

Sonny & Eloise A


Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Marley who has been awarded our Head Teacher Award this week – for completing all 5 of her challenges in 2 days! Showing a huge amount of resilience and resourcefulness Marley, well done you.

Well done to  who was our JIGSAW Champion Lily R awarded for ensuring everyone is looked after, included and happy in our classroom.

Well done to Ralph who was our nominated 5R Champion this week– Ralph has been a resilient learner, reflected on the things he has done well and been respectful to all members of the class. We are so proud of you Ralph.

Sonny & Eloise A

Celebration Assembly 8th October


Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Amelia, Emma, Luca, Emily and Oscar who have been awarded our Head Teacher Award this week – for super work in their maths.

Well done to  who was our JIGSAW Champion Freya awarded for caring about other people’s feelings.

Well done to Arthur H and Madison who were our 5R Champions – Arthur was showing fantastic resilience when trying new things. Maddie ensured our classroom was clean and ready – being a respectful bee whilst completing her job of classroom inspector!


Celebration Assembly 1st October


Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Arthur R who has been awarded our Head Teacher Award this week – for super work in his maths.

Well done to  who was our JIGSAW Champion Emily awarded for caring about other people’s feelings.

Well done to Oscar who was our 5R Champion – showing fantastic resourcefulness in his play and learn time and always showing respect in class and on the playground.

We also need to celebrate the election of our School Council representatives.

We were able to hear to many hopeful’s manifestos for being elected.


Eloise & Sonny were elected by their peers – their job this week is to decide what we will do for Children in Need as a school. They will also be decorating their own suggestion box to have in our classroom.


Learning for Thursday 15th July 2021

Good morning everyone,

It is our last day of learning from home today so let’s make it the best one so far. You have all worked so incredibly hard this week and produced some really amazing work.

Here is the Power Point with your learning activities for today:

Thursday 15th July 2021

Maths Activities:

Maths Activities 15.07.21

Phonics Activity Sheet:

Phonics activity 15.07.21

English- Live lesson at 10am

Today is our final day writing information for your booklet. You will need a sharp pencil and all your work so far this week.


Here is a selection of activities you can choose from for your home learning this afternoon.

1) PE activities with Marcus Rashford.


2) Music- Chrome Lab- Shared Piano

Explore using shared piano to make simple tunes.


3) Nature I-spy

Go out into your garden and look carefully to see what you can see. Remember to look with your eyes and not to touch animals or insects when they outside in their natural habitats . You can download the attached activity sheet to record your results.

Nature I- Spy

Thank you for being so amazing Year 1, I hope you enjoy these activities and that you have enjoyed our week,

Miss Campey