Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Marley who has been awarded our Head Teacher Award this week – for completing all 5 of her challenges in 2 days! Showing a huge amount of resilience and resourcefulness Marley, well done you.

Well done to  who was our JIGSAW Champion Lily R awarded for ensuring everyone is looked after, included and happy in our classroom.

Well done to Ralph who was our nominated 5R Champion this week– Ralph has been a resilient learner, reflected on the things he has done well and been respectful to all members of the class. We are so proud of you Ralph.

Sonny & Eloise A

Celebration Assembly 8th October


Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Amelia, Emma, Luca, Emily and Oscar who have been awarded our Head Teacher Award this week – for super work in their maths.

Well done to  who was our JIGSAW Champion Freya awarded for caring about other people’s feelings.

Well done to Arthur H and Madison who were our 5R Champions – Arthur was showing fantastic resilience when trying new things. Maddie ensured our classroom was clean and ready – being a respectful bee whilst completing her job of classroom inspector!


Celebration Assembly 1st October


Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Arthur R who has been awarded our Head Teacher Award this week – for super work in his maths.

Well done to  who was our JIGSAW Champion Emily awarded for caring about other people’s feelings.

Well done to Oscar who was our 5R Champion – showing fantastic resourcefulness in his play and learn time and always showing respect in class and on the playground.

We also need to celebrate the election of our School Council representatives.

We were able to hear to many hopeful’s manifestos for being elected.


Eloise & Sonny were elected by their peers – their job this week is to decide what we will do for Children in Need as a school. They will also be decorating their own suggestion box to have in our classroom.


Learning for Thursday 15th July 2021

Good morning everyone,

It is our last day of learning from home today so let’s make it the best one so far. You have all worked so incredibly hard this week and produced some really amazing work.

Here is the Power Point with your learning activities for today:

Thursday 15th July 2021

Maths Activities:

Maths Activities 15.07.21

Phonics Activity Sheet:

Phonics activity 15.07.21

English- Live lesson at 10am

Today is our final day writing information for your booklet. You will need a sharp pencil and all your work so far this week.


Here is a selection of activities you can choose from for your home learning this afternoon.

1) PE activities with Marcus Rashford.

2) Music- Chrome Lab- Shared Piano

Explore using shared piano to make simple tunes.

3) Nature I-spy

Go out into your garden and look carefully to see what you can see. Remember to look with your eyes and not to touch animals or insects when they outside in their natural habitats . You can download the attached activity sheet to record your results.

Nature I- Spy

Thank you for being so amazing Year 1, I hope you enjoy these activities and that you have enjoyed our week,

Miss Campey





Learning for Wednesday 14th July 2021

Good morning Year 1,

Well done for another brilliant day of learning yesterday 🙂

Here is the Power Point with the activities for today:

Wednesday 14th July 2021


Here are the activity sheets with the two and three star challenges on.

Maths Activities 14.07.21


We will be writing the next section of our booklet for Miss Place today and telling her all about which areas of our learning we enjoy and which areas we might need a little help with. You will need your work from the last few days, your amazing brain and a sharp pencil.

Story Time with Mrs Velez Colby


There is information in the Power Point about your construction challenge for this afternoon. I would like you to design and make a house for Maureen the rat from our Great Fire on London videos. You can use any materials you like to make your little house and will need to plan your ideas carefully. The weather is supposed to be lovely this afternoon so you could even go outside ( check with mummy/ daddy first of course)  and collect some natural resources and build your house outdoors in the fresh air.

Thank you

Miss Campey



Learning for Tuesday 13th July

Good morning Year 1,

You were all superstars yesterday and I was so impressed at how you all joined in and shared your brilliant ideas in our lesson. It has been wonderful looking through all the amazing work you sent me and being able to give you feedback on it.

Today’s learning is all attached in the Power Point below:

Tuesday 13th July 2021


I was delighted to see so many of you had a go at my 3 star challenge so we will do the same again today. The 2 star challenge is a revision activity covering lots of areas you have previously learned with Miss Jenkins. The three star challenges will really make you think and use your problem solving skills.

Maths Activities 13.07.21

English- Live lesson at 10am on Zoom.

In our English lesson today we will be carrying on with our writing all about you and making a really special booklet for Miss Place to tell her all about you. You will need your work from yesterday and a sharp pencil for the lesson.


This afternoon there is another short learning clip to watch following the adventures of Maureen the rat at the time of the Great Fire of London.  The video also introduces Samuel Pepys and his famous diary.

To follow on from this I’ve attached a little reading quiz for this afternoon’s activity all about Samuel Pepys and his diary. There is a one, two and three star challenge in the attached document so have a look and decide which challenge is best for you (I would expect that most of you will do the one star challenge).

You will need to read the Information carefully to help you answer the questions.

The Diary of Samuel Pepys- Reading quiz

Thank you

Miss Campey






Learning for Monday 12th July

Good morning Year 1,

I’m very excited to tell you all that I will be your teacher for the rest of this week while you are working at home. Miss Jenkins has told me just how wonderful you are and I can’t wait to see you all on zoom on Monday morning at 10 o’clock. I will keep everything the same for the rest of the week and I will use the blog and Power Points to set  your work. I will also use the same zoom link and time for your live lesson each day ( 10am).

Here is the Power Point with your work for today:

Monday 12th July 2021


Here are the Maths Activity sheets. There is a sheet with 2 star activities for everyone to try then a sheet with 3 star activities for anyone who is feeling very confident and would like a real challenge. I always tell all the children in my classes that if they do their best, I’ll be impressed so have a go.

Maths Activities 12.07.21

English- Live lesson at 10am

This week we are going to be making a little booklet  to give to Miss Place who will be your new teacher from September . Each day we will do some brilliant writing together in our zoom lessons so you can tell Miss Place all about you, your family, what you enjoy learning about and what you are excited to learn with her in Year 2. You will also be able to show her your amazing handwriting and how well you can use your full stops and capital letters too.

You will need some lined paper or a page from your English book and a sharp pencil. You might want to have your whiteboard too so you can practice and experiment with your spellings as you write.

Please email me with any questions about your learning and send me some examples of your brilliant work each day so I can give you some feedback.

Thank you

Miss Campey





Learning for Friday 9th July

Good morning,

Here is the PPT for Friday – Fri 9th July 2021


Maths – Maths Fri    or if you want a challenge – Maths Fri challenge


Here are some fun football related activities if you would like to do them!

Make a flag to wave on Sunday – England flag

Design your own football kit – Design-a-football-strip

Word search – Word search

Colouring –  t-pe-737-support-the-england-team-mindfulness-colouring-posters_ver_2