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W.C 25.09.23

Well done on another brilliant week Year 1! we have worked really hard this week on being ready for our learning and being respectful to each other and to the resources in our classroom. We have been making sure we have been tidying up our classroom carefully and leaving our different areas of provision nice for the next children to use.


Our learning in maths this week has been focused around finding one more and one less than a given number. We used lots of practical resources to help up with our learning.


In English this week we have been learning all about sentences. We have been using our checklist in class to make sure that our sentences always start with a capital letter, end with a punctuation mark, make sense and have spaces between the words.

Challenge- ca you make a sentence using the words below?


In Science lesson  this week we carried out a simple investigation linked to our learning on the human body . We wanted to find out if the oldest children had the largest feet. We will talk about our results in lesson next week but collected all the data we needed to answer our question.

Thank you

Miss Campey, Mrs Gill and the Year 1 team 🙂

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W.C 18.09.23


Our learning in Maths this week has been about counting on from any number and finding one more and one less from a given number. We have also continued practicing counting forwards and backwards up to 50!

Challenge- See if you can count forwards and backwards using the video to help you!


We have had a very crafty week as part of our learning journey in English. We have designed and made Beegu’s home planet and designed and made a friend for Beegu as in the story she is lost and alone. The children have loved bringing their learning to life and we have had some brilliant discussions around the story.

Key Questions- What would the sky look like? What will the landscape be? Do you think she blends into her environment or stands out as she does on Earth? Why? What might you see? What might you hear? What colours would there be? Why?





Please remember to bring book bags to school on a Monday so I can make sure you all have new reading books and spellings for the week ahead. Thank you for all your amazing support at home with reading and spellings, it was lovely to read how well you have all been doing at home!


Thank you again

Miss Campey, Mrs Gill and the Year 1 team 🙂


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Our amazing week!

Year 1 have had a brilliant start to our Autumn term and have been learning lots across our curriculum. Well done Year 1!


In Maths we have been focusing on sorting and counting. Children have been sorting objects by colour and type and we have been practicing our counting up to 50!

Challenge – Can you count backwards from 20 down to 0 ? How high can you count?


To launch our High quality text for English ‘ Beegu’ by Alexis Deacon,  Year 1 had to investigate a crash scene and decide what they think had happened. We used magnifying glasses and clipboards to look carefully and talk about the clues we had found.


Big Idea

Our learning in History this half term is all around toys with our key enquiry question ‘What were toys like when Grandma was young?’ We were very lucky to have Lauren from the Knaresborough Toy Library come to visit us and share a range of different toys for us to play with and discuss.

Shelves of toys in toy library

Challenge- can you talk about your favourite toys with Grandma or Grandad? What did they love to play with when they were children? What is the same and what is different about the toys they played with?

Reading books and spellings should have all come home on Tuesday so you can read and practice your spellings together at home through the week. Please let me know if these didn’t make it home.

Miss Campey and Mrs Gill 🙂



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Welcome Back Year 1

Welcome back Year 1. We hope you all had a wonderful summer break and are ready for our first week back. We will be talking lots as a class this week about 5R’s- our values and curriculum drivers. Here they are so you can talk about them at home too!

We will be looking for and celebrating children showing all of our values this week and every week so look out for your child coming home with a sticker. This means they have been noticed by an adult in school or another child for showing this value or curriculum driver in their learning.

Thank you

Miss Campey and Mrs Gill


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I am a Historian

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Snow Day Learning

Snow Day Learning Pack

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Skip 2B Fit

Year 1 loved our Skip 2B Fit session! They all showed resilience and determination in learning how to skip. Everyone tried their hardest to skip as many times as they could in two minutes.


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Celebration Time!

Well done to Riley W for getting the 5R award this week. He always shows the 5Rs and is an excellent role model in our class.

Well done to Ava for achieving our Jigsaw award this week!

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Celebration Time! 23rd September 2022

A huge well done to Ruby for being reflective in Art this week! We have been exploring watercolours and Ruby could explain her learning and discuss the changes that she saw.


Our Jigsaw Champion this week is Riley! We have been thinking about ways to help look after our community. Riley often litter picks on his way to school – well done Riley!

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Key Information for Year 1

Welcome to Year One!


Please make sure your child brings their P.E. bag in every Monday and we will send it home on a Friday.

Reading books:

We change our reading books every Monday. Your child will bring home their Big Cat phonics book, along with a ‘reading for pleasure’ book that they have chosen from our castle library.


If you have any questions then please email me at

Miss Jenkins

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